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Comprehensive Workplace Services

We transform workspaces by replacing traditional concept of assigned/fixed workspaces by accommodating new workstyles, advanced technology, mobility, and collaboration. 

This is achieved through a multi-step process.  First, strengths and use potential of the offered space is evaluated. Second, space concepts identifying location of components are developed addressing image, movement, security, and adjacencies. Multiple blocking/stacking options supported by recommendations are then presented to the users for feedback. A conceptual approach is then finalized through consensus building amongst competing interests.  Technical elements are applied to the finalized concept which include but are not limited to lighting, acoustics, audio-visual and information technologies, for an integrated high-performance workplace.

MAP has also assisted clients in furnishing their workplaces through preparing procurement documents; evaluating and selecting furniture systems; developing color schemes, materials and finishes; and coordinating furniture installation by the selected vendor.

Besides offices, MAP provides similar comprehensive services for laboratories, conference centers, data centers and warehouses. Our professionals are highly experienced in researching and evaluating requirements demanded by these specialized functions, and subsequently developing space concepts.






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