• Rendering of the US Patent and Trademark Office Campus

Other Services


We provide a wide spectrum of other planning and design related services, including but not limited to:


• Real Estate/Site Selection Studies


We have assisted clients with strategic decisions regarding optimizing use of their real assets. Such services typically require evaluating highest and best use of their assets, leveraging contextual factors, and determining timing of actions.


Site selection studies help clients with relocation and/or siting of new installations. Such studies require real estate analysis, amenities, access to public transportation, ease of access to customer base and ancillary agencies, among other factors.


• Client Representation Services


MAP is often engaged by Federal agencies to provide comprehensive consulting services that intersect a wide array of its competencies (strategic planning, programming, Space Planning, Comprehensive Furniture Services, Facilities Planning, etc.). In addition, MAP’s expertise is leverage by its clients in decision making with regards to lease solicitations, procurements, evaluation, and execution.


• Budget/ Funding/Forecasting/Cost Benefit Studies


MAP staff comprise of professionals from various disciplines. Their combined expertise (and sometimes input from their cadre of consultants) makes MAP uniquely capable of developing budgets and forecasting expenses over the life of a project. Such analyses are invaluable to our clients in planning for funding proactively. Our staff is also called on to provide cost benefit analysis using lifecycle costs, net present value, and other instruments which is invaluable to our clients’ decision-making process.






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