• National Institute of Standards and Technology- Utilization Study

Facilities Planning (Management/Utilization Studies)

As organizations strive to improve efficiency and increase productivity, right sizing and optimal utilization efforts are becoming increasingly significant strategies. MAP assists in planning and management of facilities, utilizing custom databases developed in-house and/or proprietary software such as FM Systems that are synced with CAD files and offer clients real-time access to facilities usage information.

We tailor our approach to fit the clients’ specific requirements and enable them to track the many aspects of their facilities such as space utilization by purpose and organizational component; staffing by job function or title; nature of occupancy (ownership, lease, joint use, etc.); rental terms and costs; and, furniture and equipment within a single facility or across multiple facilities. This information has proven critical to organizations striving to make the best use of their overhead expenditures, especially those in the government that must justify their space inventories.







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