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  1. Massing Study for Animal Center, Central Core, NIH Bethesda Campus

    Bethesda, MD
  2. Master Plan for Central Core Subic Bay

  3. NIH-RTP Master Plan

    North Carolina
  4. Location of Amenities in Historic Core, Building 31, Feasibility, NIH

    Bethesda, MD

Urban Design

Successful Urban Design is the transformation of planning and programming recommendations into a coherent physical form. MAP provides a full complement of urban design services including zoning analysis, site evaluation and land use planning. Our objective is to help our clients make informed choices from various viable planning alternatives. We bring to each design task an expertise developed through long experience with public, institutional and private development communities. In partnership with our clients, we seek to explore the design opportunities that will best resolve the projects functional, economic and aesthetic objective. 

We use a combination of methods and technology for our analyses including simple spreadsheet models, databases, CAD systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


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