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  1. NIH-RTP

    North Carolina
  2. NIH- Modernization Concepts for Building 31

    Bethesda, MD
  3. NIH- Modernization Concepts for Building 31

    Bethesda, MD
  4. NIH- Modernization Concepts for Building 31

    Bethesda, MD
  5. EPA- Restoration of Historic Building,Daylight Analysis

    Boston, MA

Sustainable Design

MAP has successfully planned and implemented environmentally responsive campuses and facilities. Before “green” was a buzz word, MAP was planning for energy efficiency, resource conservation, healthy and safe indoor environments, use of recycled and recyclable materials… these and other sustainable design elements and practices have been and continue to be a central focus to MAP’s planning paradigm. Environmental assessments are appropriate at any stage of the planning/ implementation process: during site selection, design, construction, fit-out or occupancy.

We provide our clients a thorough understanding of the environmental concerns and assist in identifying project specific solutions within the project’s architectural, engineering and economic constraints.
To respond to complex projects that pose unique environmental challenges, MAP teams up with select specialist firms to explore innovative solutions. In the past, MAP has worked on projects requiring building envelope studies, lighting studies, data center solutions, and building systems analyses.

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